Equity investment is to build equity yufu group class state-owned capital operation of the company's main fulcrum。Group will follow the law of value,Take the market as the guidance...
By the end of2017At the end of the year,Yufu group total assets2193One hundred million yuan,Wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies, a total of refs70Households,Another hosting company3Households。
2017At the end of the year,Yufu group wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies, a total of refs70Home,Basic formation of financial holding company as the main characteristics of the state-owned capital operating company。
Wuxi county of chongqing precision poverty alleviation
Group party secretary、Chairman Li Jianming line to WuXi red pool dish fieldwork poverty alleviation work,And to the town's poverty relief donations for four village“Happiness to their homes”Construction project,Accurate support most needy people。
The kernel of culture
Scientific and standardized management,To break through the limitations of experience management,To avoid rule of random defects。
Since the yufu group2004Years since its founding,Net assets from10Increased to one hundred million yuan838One hundred million yuan。